Turda Salt Mine – Bday Surprise

I recently received one of the nicest invitations for my birthday – a trip to Turda salt mine, which is considered to be the coolest underground place in the world. This former salt mine is  home to basket hoops, mini golf, a ferris wheel, an underground lake, a spa and more.

Turda salt mine 1

I really enjoyed walking around and exploring this amazing area. Left the mine with surreal pics like these:

Turda salt mine

Salina-Turda 3

Salina-Turda view from up 4 wl

Turda salt mine 6

345 refacuta a 10 a oara 640 x 540

Turda salt mine 4

Anyway, I have a few random photos to sort through so I’ll get that going!

Stay tuned for more!

P.S.  Sorry guys, but the website is under maintenance, it may look a little bit messy for a while.

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