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As I was telling you the other day, I will reveal to you new ways to wear a ballerina dress. Took these photos on Saturday – pretty busy day – business meetings and in between a quick stop to George Cosbuc flower market. Some tips to visiting the flower market: (things I…

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Spring is in the air! What better way to celebrate the fresh air than dressing in a beautiful tulle dress? I love wearing ballerina dresses as they are so delicate and feminine. Best of all? This hand embroidered Oana Nutu dress is graceful and yet versatile – I can throw…

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An Abandoned Palace and the Black Swan

Black and dramatic look inside an abandoned building. Let me tell you its story. I’ve walked down on Constantin Mille street several times; at no.11 there’s this old abandoned building, hidden from plain sight with it’s barred entrance which piqued my curiosity one day. Following that day came no short…

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