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All eyes on her! Unconventional Lana

We choose clothes that represent our personalities, our moods, the time we live in, our ambitions and our desires. Who are the people behind the designs we wear every day? There is a young Romanian designer with an interesting story, and some fascinated designs, as influential, as traditional art. She…

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Monica – the party tailor from Bucharest old city center

Monica Papiota Bar Bucharest

First job? I earned my money first, at 16, with a summer job as a baby sitter in New York. I sat for Joshua, a cute and very funny 5 year old boy with red as fire hair  and lots of freckles. I was paid 2 dollars per hour and…

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Style profile: Ra Casas, Barcelona 5

Ra Casas for Sebastian Brice

Current career? Freelance stylist, coolhunter, fashion stylist director at MTPlus Escuela de Formacion & Asesoria Comercial – Barcelona. Describe your personal style Classic.Minimalist. Whose style has influenced your own? Tom Ford What is your favourite part of the creative process?  Seeing a tiny bubble of inspiration grow into a production. …

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Style profile: Laura. The best things in life are simple. 7

Laura for hats on clouds

Current job? Modeling. Which pieces in your wardrobe do you cherish most? I cherish my whole wardrobe from my shoes, bags, accessories and dresses. Every piece is special but my vintage leather jacket and Lanvin bag are in this moment my favourite ones. What do you build your daily look…

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