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Current occupation?
Sales assistant at Burberry Bucharest.
What kind of projects have you been working lately?
I’ve started my career in selling with Belstaff. There I’ve learned something which I’ve already known in my heart – good selling of luxury brands has to come from within yourself. That’s why I’m still in this business. After this I’ve occupied a denim manager position at Sport Couture, a place where I’ve had a lot of success. If you find Jeremy Scott in Sport Couture’s shop and you are happy about that, it means I’ve made the right choice. Now I use my skills in Burberry Bucharest.
Photography is a great passion of mine and I take great pride in those photo sessions that have received good reviews. I also take pride in the fact that I’ve taken part in some beautiful fashion projects and events, both on catwalks and behind the photographer’s camera.
Spill it, what’s your favorite boutique in Bucharest?
I don’t have a favorite. I like to browse as many inspiring shops as I can, and then I choose some items. I am also a believer in fast fashion and I enjoy brands that use new concepts every month.
What is a favorite item that you own and why?
I am addicted to denim and shoes. They are the two items that are almost always present in my daily outfits. For me, two highly important aspects to take into account and pay special attention when choosing an item are: the quality of the fabric and the defining touches. If I am to choose using this method, my favorite item would be a denim pair of jeans by Diesel.



Describe your personal style.
Keep up with fashion trends but choose the ones that are best suited for you.
Whose style has influenced your own dressing style?
I cannot say that my style was influenced by someone in particular. I see and like a lot of styles but I don’t really feel influenced by them.  I could name instead what caught my eye recently: Cheap Monday, Burberry, Dsquared and many others. It is important to mention here that I am almost never the fan of an entire collection; I am more of an item fan.
How do you creatively approach getting dressed?
Dressing up is a creative activity on its own. It is not very often that I let somebody else decide what I am going to wear. I get really creative when I am building my style, style which I find instinctive more than anything else. If your hair and shoes are right an unique style shouldn’t be so difficult to achieve.
Do you dress differently when travelling?
Generally, I wear what I like and what makes me feel comfortable. I tend to choose sport and casual outfits when traveling. But depending on the destination and traveling purpose I pack suitable outfits.
Most stylish movie?
American Psycho. It’s hard to think of a killer with a more killer wardrobe. Behold a man who loves his shirts and suits almost as much as we do and a man with a great sense of style. He knows exactly what shoes match a certain blazer and has no doubt about it.
I was also impressed by The Great Gatsby. This story is built from clothes, music and make-up. Other Movies: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and 42.
What would be your dream shoot or collaboration?
A wise head makes a close mouth. I don’t like to make my aspirations public, at least until I have achieved them. By doing so I believe I gave more value and weight to my dreams. But as you can imagine I have a lot of dreams.


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