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Alex Batinas for Hats on clouds

Alex Batinas details

Alex Batinas details
Current occupation?
Right now I am  a Psychology major student, brand ambassador for a brand and creative director. As creative director I’m responsible for the creative vision, the look, the feel and the tone of a brand. I also take the role of managing director. I sit down with the client before the work begins and figure out the scope of a project. The creative person knows what is and isn’t possible.
Name few brands/ designers/ campaigns you have worked with as creative director?
Just to name a few: Gett’s Hair Studio, Gett’s Highlights, the romanian designer Dana Tanase


Dana Tanase

Photo credits & concept : Alexandru Batinas


What are the most important characteristics to have as a creative director?
I actually think good creatives are a combination of contradictions, so it would be hard to settle on definitive characteristics. You’ve got to be tough-skinned. Having experience in a lot of different mediums-everything from design to film to digital and sound–helps. Being passionate about a lot of things is a good trait to have in a creative director.


Gett's cover

Photo credits: Tudor Cucu
Creative director: Alexandru Batinas

Now that you mentioned this, let’s have a look back to your life experiences, because I know you have an interesting story to tell ?
When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a priest, and in the 8th grade I had my first sketches presentation of dresses .
As a teenager I played in a band called Viva.


Viva band

In May 2005 I started to work as a hairdresser assistant. In the same time I dedicated myself to humanistic psychology, following the courses of  Ovidius University in Constanta. Although I liked it, I quit after only one year because I felt that I need more life experience, on which to structure all the information. On the other hand, I  won The Color Trophy bronze medal in an international competition, in Antalya.  I began to collaborate with top salons from Constanta, Bucharest and Cluj and I deepened my understanding of hairstyle, colors, trends  by attending courses and seminars in London and Barcelona. My work was chosen to appear on the cover of the first issue of Estetica Magazine, moment in which I decided that I said what I had to say about it and closed the hairstyling chapter.


Estetica cover

Photo credits: Tudor Cucu
Creative director: Alexandru Batinas

In 2009 I won a scholarship at Instituto Europeo di Design in Milano, but I returned to Cluj Romania, in order to study at the Art University , because the scholarship did not cover all the costs of living abroad.

IED project IED project IED project

No luck here either, because I didn’t see a future for my dreams , and at the insistence of my father- an experienced helicopter pilot,  I decided to start a new adventure, a pilot training  and flight school. But an unpleasant  incident stoped my path.
I returned to Bucharest where I followed the Make up Academy. During these courses, a friend told me that Qatar Airways is recruiting staff. That was the perfect opportunity to make a change! Full of emotions and without family and friends understanding, I’ve made a short movie in order to show my next steps.
I lived in Qatar for 1 year, but being caught in a whole new world, following strict rules of life, and becoming  just a registration number, with the same responsabilities and lifestyle as the others around me, I  got to see that the creative part was not consumed in that present and the idea of painting in order to to express myself, came out.


First painting made with ear sticks

Alex painting made with ear sticks


It happend in one bright morning when I decided to return home, while I was in Kathmandu, Nepal, in the garden of a hotel , near the statue of Buddha and a bell from which flowed water.


Kathmandu garden

The gathering with Romania was like a cold shower. After all these experiences, having different values and beliefs, I didn’t have second thoughts and bought an airplane ticket to Dubai.  All alone, with 20 copies of my curriculum, I received an telephone from a friend, saying that a VM assistant job is available at Christian Dior store. The interview process took 2 weeks, in the end only 2 persons were selected, me and a very experienced VM from the Chanel boutique. None of us was chosen, the answer for me was that “I’m too young and talented for a job that doesn’t involve so much creativity, and that I should study something in visual communication in fashion.”


Gett's campaign

Photo credits: Tudor Cucu
Model, Styling, Concept : Alexandru Batinas

Gett's Campaign

Photo credits: Tudor Cucu
Model, Styling, Concept : Alexandru Batinas

Gett's campaign

Photo credits: Tudor Cucu
Model, Styling, Concept : Alexandru Batinas

On the road again, I moved back to Romania, this time in Brasov,  where for 4 month I worked with one of my best friends, the designer Dana Tanase.
I also started to paint t-shirts, but in a unique process. I tried to know the person first, then rendered what he felt. It was an interesting experience to see how I could feel what people needed beyond words.


Mermaid's Whispers by Alexandru Batinas

Mermaid’s Whispers by Alexandru Batinas

Then I applied for a summer course at IED Milano and studied Fashion Styling. I discovered here another world, but I didn’t feel like being part of it. One day, the Sociology teacher wrote on the table “Religion + Science = Magic”, and since then the inner revolution has started . 
Impressive! And which one has been your most eye-opening experience?
 “Qatar ” was the most complex and profound experience so far. I interacted with over 120 nationalities,  traveled to places I never thought about it and discovered the incredible India, not from one, but from two perspectives- the direct one , and the  indirect one- by sharing a flat with an Indian guy. This helped me to see the reality from another angle, the Oriental one. In the same time, I was fascinated by the Arab culture, by their education and the fact that they live today as 1.400 years ago, keeping intact their culture, traditions and identity. The biggest attraction was represented by their specific fragrances and perfuming rituals– a whole process that comes to complete your image in the social environment.
Psychoanalysis. 🙂


Alex Batinas

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