Laughing, playing, mixing different styles – Bogdan, Bucharest

Bogdan for Hats on clouds
What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is like a drug for me, never enough, always up for what is hot or a “must have” .
Do you have any wise words for someone trying to find themselves and their own syle in this fast trend fashion culture?
Be creative, wear something that fits your personality but always with attitude . Don’t try something  just because it is in fashion,  will be ridiculous if it doesn’t fit you.

Bogdan for Hats on clouds

A short fashion trend forecasting for SS13?
Mad about electric blue but in moderation , always classy in black and white, stripes, dots, squares. A touch of fur and lace are more than welcome :).
Describe your personal style
When I talk about my style , pffff , it’s just a mix , sometimes I like colors,  sometimes I don’t, it depends on my mood. But  for sure  I’m ready to try new things if I think will fit me. I like being sexy even in black or yellow sunflower,  after all sexy never takes a day off :).

Bogdan for Hats on clouds

What do you wear when travelling?
I traveled a lot only with small cases, my black skinny trousers and my black leather jaket, but depends on the purpose of  the trip.  Anyway, I come back all the time with more suitcases,  so live crazy, shop fast.
Favorite designer?
I love you Vivienne Westwood, but I love furs also. So our relation is over , it doesn’t work anymore :), because I cheated on you! PETA can kill me, but who cares :). So mad about you, Sir John!

Bogdan for Hats on clouds

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