Hello there! Happy Tuesday!
So I’m back home in Bucharest after one week of being away. Amazing! I got home from beautiful Moscow two days ago and miss it terribly! It was my first time visiting the city, but is undoubtedly one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Back to today’s post, I want to put forward two summer dresses, perfect for an open air party or a night about the town with friends. Evening dresses are supposed to create a glamorous image. And where there is glamour, can glitter be far behind? Gold is the color of summer. White as well. By the way, gone are the days when evening dresses meant only gowns.  The super stylish mini dress stormed this category and how. Opt for subdued make-up if you want to create an image of understated elegance.





Photos by Volker Vornehm
Hairstyling: Dana Ditu/ Cut’N’Colour
Outfits: Marella dresses

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