Super excited to share my latest project I’ve been workin’ on with my good friend Dana! The idea behind it is centered around the CONTRAST concept. Love this concept as it is inescapable and universal.

From the balance and contrast of yin and yang you learn how apparently contrasting aspects actually become complementary to one another as they give rise to each other. This is also the principle by which our senses work. In our perceptual contrast we notice the difference between things, not absolute measures. That is one of the reasons why contrast also happens to be a core concept in fashion and art in general and if you look closely you will find it used all around.

The most obvious contrasts in this project are the classic blonde – brunette rivalry and the clothing contrast.

But there are a lot more contrasts here than just the visual one. Our personalities is just one of them. I’ll let you figure some others!

Stay tuned for the next rounds! xx







Special thank you to Volker Vornehm for these awsome pics and his patience! And a sweet and warm thank you to Dana for being such a great friend and inspiration! I love you and us for working on this together!

We were wearing: STUDIO DALLO dresses


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