Lady and the Tramp – A reason for hope

Special shooting today, with Râsu,  a stray dog adopted from the Bucharest streets!

Say NO to euthanasia

I believe in the power of compassion. Romanians  should do more to help these strays, by spaying and adopting. We have to say NO to euthanasia in order to prevent a national tragedy. It’s true that there are many homeless dogs, but killing them is not a solution. Let’s not forget to be human and to save some innocent lives!

Say NO to euthanasi

Say NO to euthanasia

From little things, big things grow! Give them  a chance, by giving people your example, those who have already adopted a stray dog, and encouraging them also to do the same. Tell your friends to adopt dogs instead of buying in pet shops. Spaying your dog also prevents more homeless dogs. Teaching children how to stop the neglect and abuse of animals through early humane education stays with them into adulthood.

Adopt a stray dog

So, first of all, record a short and impact  video message with your smart phone, by showing that the problem of stray dogs can be solved in time and not by killing, but by sterilization.Once you have registered it, send it to the address:, with name and profession.  If you would like to upload them to your social media pages, please use the hashtags :

#NoToKilling #AdoptAStray

Adopt a stray dog



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